Emo Philips is a patient of Dr. Katz. Emo appeared twice during the series run of Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist.

Description Edit

Emo Philips is a stand-up comedian from Downer's Grove, Illinois. Emo is very tall and slender, with a crude pageboy-style haircut and large, wide eyes. His outfit consists of an ill-fitting yellow turtleneck, a blue waistcoat, and plaid trousers held up above the navel with a belt.

As a patient Edit

Emo trips Dr. Katz up a few times with his garden-path sentences. He seems to have no real grasp of right and wrong, and delivers his anecdotes in a childlike, high-pitched, dreamy tone.

Emo is one of three patients with a follow-up conversation featured in the Season Two DVD set.

Appearances Edit